How to properly wager bonuses in a pin up casino

Bonuses at online casinos are gifts that can be obtained for performing a specific action. Most often, these are prize points, money or free spins of machines. For convenience, rewards are divided into two types — no deposit and deposit. In the second case, all payments are tied to deposit, and their size depends directly on the amount paid.

No deposit bonuses can be obtained for performing a certain action, such as verifying an account. Each type of bonus should be considered in more detail.

No deposit bonuses at online casinos

The very definition of «no deposit bonus» implies that it is not necessary to deposit an account in order to receive a gift. It is necessary to perform a specific action specified on the site in the appropriate section. Options for getting a no deposit bonus:

Complete a registration on the site. This is the most common way to get a bonus, players only need to create an account, after which they are credited with the bonus;
Fill in personal data in the personal cabinet. In this case, the player will have to specify his last name, first name and date of birth;
Identify the account. To get the gift, it is necessary to upload a scan or photo of the passport;
To subscribe to the e-mail mailing list. In this case, the user will be sent information about tournaments, promotions and lotteries in the gambling establishment;
Download the application on your smartphone. This method of getting a no-deposit applies to mobile casinos;
Invite a friend. In this case, it is necessary to send a referral link to another user, by which he will register.
These are not all ways to get no deposit bonuses, because each gambling establishment has different conditions. Only the form of reward is the same everywhere — it is either freespins or money.

Why do we need no deposit bonuses?

At first glance it may seem that no deposit bonuses for casinos are not profitable, because they do not bring income. In fact, there are pitfalls in such gifts, with which you should familiarize yourself:

The received gift must be wagering. It has a wager — a coefficient that determines the number of bets to get the winnings.
No deposit for registration becomes active if the user confirms the e-mail, phone number or his identity. Emails may be sent out with information about current promotions and bonuses.
Free spins appropriate to a particular slot machine. This is necessary to increase the popularity of the slot, if it is not in demand or low income.
In general, no deposit benefits for both sides, because the casino gets new players, and gamblers — extra money to bet or free spins.

Casino deposit bonuses

One of the most common gifts in gambling establishments is a deposit bonus. From the name, you can understand that the charge is tied to the deposit. With such an incentive, the casino motivates new and regular customers to deposit a certain amount into their bank. Types of bonuses:

For the first deposit. This is the biggest bonus, the amount paid may be fixed or as a percentage of the deposit.
Second and subsequent replenishments. In this case, users receive deposit multipliers or freespins.
Incentives for high rollers, that is, players who place large bets. They may be charged a fixed amount or free spins.
Money on the account or freespins are accrued both individually and together. If the payout amount is not fixed, but as a percentage, it is set a limit. For example, the user will not be able to use a multiplier of 100%, if he replenishes the account for 50,000 rubles.

Best online casino bonuses 2021

Before registering on the website of a gambling establishment, it is worth familiarizing yourself with its incentive system. Often there are reload bonuses, cashback and gifts for high rollers. It is necessary to learn about them in detail:

Reload bonuses. They are designed for regular players, and are accrued with or without a deposit. Common forms of payments are freespins, cash and promo codes. The latter option involves activation in a personal account. To get a reload bonus, you need to play, deposit, and constantly log in to the site. Additionally, the player must have all the necessary personal information in the personal cabinet: initials, date of birth, e-mail, phone number and so on. Reload bonuses must be wagered, but in rare cases you can get a gift without the wager.
Cashback. Many gambling establishments to retain active gamblers return their lost money. The percentage of return depends on two parameters: the day of the week and the active bet. For example, if a user is entitled to 10% cashback, and during the week he lost 700 rubles, he will get 70 rubles back. The amount of cashback directly depends on a particular gambling establishment, as well as the activity of the gambler.
Incentives for high rollers. Players with VIP status in gambling clubs try to retain with bonuses. Such visitors make bets from $30 to $5,000, and sometimes even higher, so they are profitable casinos. High rollers can get deposit multipliers, they have fast withdrawal of winnings